Sunday, January 18, 2009


Very little has been going on in our world which is nice for a change. We should be closing on the land (28 acres) this week and then things will really pick up from there. Nervous and excited about it all. Brant and I suffered from a 24 hours flu bug earlier this week but have since been feeling great, although tired cause Brant wants to wake up at 5am on Sat. morn. Not sure what thats about. Josh is all excited today. He went to the gym with us this morning, but now he needs a nap. MEN? So here is a pic of Brant enjoying his bubbles.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas came and went-finally!


Brant's Thomas set up

As many of you know from talking to me over the break, this time off has not been the best. Almost relieved to be getting back to work and to our routine. My chest is starting to feel better although I haven't attempted exercising yet. Don't think its ready. Hope everyone enjoyed their time with friends and family over the holidays. My motto for the year: Everything is gonna be just fine in '09.