Monday, September 21, 2009

A birthday to remember

Its hard to believe that Brant's 3 and since there are only two things he really, really gets excited about is big trucks and digs we thought it would be great to do a construction party. Josh hauled us in a mound of dirt-complete with hidden dinosaurs (Brants other love). It seemed like the kids had a great time playing, digging, and we even painted the inside of his playset.

This had to be the easiest cake I've ever made (dirt cake) and it actually didn't taste that bad either.
Brant really liked the icing. He got a ton of cool gifts, too many to play with. Almost glad to say I'm happy its over. It took a lot of work-next year he's not having a birthday!

Monday, September 14, 2009

First Day of School

Proud mama-sending her baby off to school. He didn't seemed bothered by it all. Went right in and took to playing. Had I sat there and thought about I probably could have cried a little. We were scared to leave, felt like he might get lost in the all the excitement. So far, he has done very well. He has had NO potty accidents and they haven't to come pick him up yet because he is misbehaving.
This is his teacher, Mrs. Smith. Brant actually took this picture. He is getting better-he usually only gets from the waist down!
Got to be the cutest backpack ever. Ordered from Dante Beatrix (if anyone cares). They have a ton of cute designs. He picked the dinosaur-no suprise there since he acts like one most of the time. Getting ready for his big birthday party this weekend. Should be a blast-diggin the dirt, painting, getting dirty.