Sunday, April 19, 2009

Can you say P-O-T-T-Y?

Well, I guess you can say Brant is successfully potty trained. I started this past Tues. since I was on Spring Break and didn't have anything at all to do. So I started at 8am but had quit by 10am. Seemed like it just wasn't going to work and of course he wasn't working with me. Threw him back into a diaper and had a 30 min. pitty party for myself. Then I realized that I was letting a toddler defeat me so I then put my "big girl pants" on and Brant put his big boy pants on and we tried it again (with much better success). He seemed to take to it after a couple days and has only had a little accident wed. (if you don't count nap times!) Oh-and the major soaking he gave himself while in the stroller at the marina, but I will take part blame for that one because I didn't take him to the toilet (eventhough he didn't ask). The picture is of his "potty tree". He would get a sticker everytime he would go to put on the tree, along with the potty dance, jelly beans, cookies, or whatever else he wanted. Tomorrow will be the true test as he will be going back to the babysitter and me back to work, ugh. oh well, only 30some days to go!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Eggs Everywhere

Brant had a blast coloring eggs and now he can say egg-yeah. For someone who freaks out when food get stuck on his hands, he surely didn't mind dye on his hands or anywhere else. I caught him painting his legs a few times.

Check out those SuperMan pjs. He loves them-thanks, nonna and nonno. Josh hid the eggs he had colored Easter morning. He really liked hunting them but was a litttle disappointed when he realized he couldn't open these and get candy.

Since Easter sunday, Brant has had a steady diet of jelly beans and chocolate.