Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Break

Spring break finally arrived. A much needed week off work. Couldn't have asked for better weather. The best part is - there is only 47 days of school left. Brant and I traveled to WVA for Easter and from there we all took a trip to DC to check out the Cherry Blossoms and the dinosaurs at the museum of Natural History. We all had a great time - expect for the crazy long lines to get on a ticket to get on the metro. It was insane, never seen a crowd like that at the metro before. Brant racked up on candy and money (that's what Nonna hids in her eggs). He is now saving his money to take it to the grocery store to buy food (his words).

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Brant's new moves!

After watching Big Boats and Busy Harbors for the umpteenth time Brant has decided to imitate the break dancing moves that he see on the video. Although not a bad attempt, still hilarious. The air guitar at the end is nice also.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy Heart Day

This being are 12th Valentines Day together we decided to keep it simple. Brant and I made homemade cards for Josh and the grandparents. I made some cupcakes and took a picture of them. (Got the idea from my sister-in-law Susan although my cupcakes don't look anything as wonderful as the stuff she makes). Mainly just hung out and told each other how much we love each other-okay not really! I think the pink eye has returned, or maybe it just never went away. My students think I've been hitten the bottle since I come school everyday with my eyes bloodshot. thinking i should go back to the doc.
Brant really loved the cupcakes!

Goin' sledding

Most of our snow is gone-finally. But while it was here we went over to "Aunt Shawn's" house for a some snow sledding and down home cookin'. The first time down the slopes, Brant rode with me and got a little freaked out. The next time he found his courage and went by himself. He made it about half way down when he went off the side of the slope, flipped his sled, threw him into the air, and then the sled landed on him. We all thought it was hilarious-Brant didn't. So that was it for his sleigh riding adventures. He REFUSED to get back on the thing. Not even to just sit, with any of us. He decided to would be the "pusher" and helped us down the hill. I admit, I was also a little scared at first. You would really fly down and have noooooo control.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Fire Truck Bed

Josh finished up Brant's fire truck bed. He absolutely loves it. He loves to drive it to the fire, get out, and put the fire out. He thinks its the best thing ever. During all this, I have been suffering from the worst case of pink eye EVER. It is goopy, swollen, red, leaky, and down right disgusting. It was in the right eye, got it cleared up, and then it showed up in the left eye, even though i was treating both eyes. So far, Josh and Brant haven't gotten it. I have been called Pink eye monster and Captain Red Eye. its been great. Decided not to take any time off though, trying to infect as many kids as I can!! Plus its exam week-three half days, can't complain. Also, we are supposed to get a major snow storm this weekend. Maybe 10 inches! Crazy! Looks like i will be joining all the other crazy fools at the grocery store tonight to get provisions.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas comes and goes

Seem like just a blur. All the preparation, shopping, and baking and its over so fast. We did Christmas at our house early-Josh was up at 5 am and getting mad because we didn't get up. After opening gifts-everything that has to do with firefighting (fire hat, fire coat, fire hose, fire truck, etc.)-we headed up to WVA for the weekend. Once in WVA, brant actually thought he was a firefighter and was always blowing out the candles.

Our family tradition was for our dad to read us the Night Before Christmas before going to bed so we thought he would try it with the grandkids. Hilarious-they won't sit still for nothing. All we could do was laugh. Once one would get up the other one would get up-check out their matching pajamas. I think my parents think they are twins-this isn't the only matching outfit they got.


apparently my usb connect in my home computer is messed up and since i know soooo little about computers i had to wait until i got back to school to use my laptop to do any blogging. The video is not very good quality. Brant is in the very middle of the front row. He is wearing khaki pants and blue plaid shirt. Listen for him in the first clip. He is the one screaming out the wrong letters in the S-A-N-T-A song.

This clip is kinda long but if you foward to about 2 minutes he will begin his air guitar performance. Josh and I were cracking up the whole time. We had no idea he was such a ham. Several people told us he stole the show. His teachers said he was so surprised because during the practices he would just stand there and not say a word.