Friday, February 19, 2010

Goin' sledding

Most of our snow is gone-finally. But while it was here we went over to "Aunt Shawn's" house for a some snow sledding and down home cookin'. The first time down the slopes, Brant rode with me and got a little freaked out. The next time he found his courage and went by himself. He made it about half way down when he went off the side of the slope, flipped his sled, threw him into the air, and then the sled landed on him. We all thought it was hilarious-Brant didn't. So that was it for his sleigh riding adventures. He REFUSED to get back on the thing. Not even to just sit, with any of us. He decided to would be the "pusher" and helped us down the hill. I admit, I was also a little scared at first. You would really fly down and have noooooo control.

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