Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Runnin' Wild

Amie, my college roommate from Radford, came up for a visit from Florida this past weekend. I suckered her into running the Monument Ave 10K with me. The weekend started with a very eventful trip to FoodLion which included busting open fruit cups, knocking over a display of Solo cups, and running into the back of an old lady with the shopping cart that looks like a car. Great fun. Felt like old times when we would take late night trips to WalMart. The rest of the weekend was pretty tame compared to all that! The rain held off for most of Sat. for the run, although Amie was so cold you would have thought we were running in Alaska-Floridians, huh! We even made shirts (see below). There was more on the back but wasn't sure if appropriate to show on the blog, oh but wait, we ran around 35,000 people with those shirts on!!!! Too late. It took us a little over an hour to finish and I was really impressed with Amie, being a first timer and all.

Marsha, Me, Amie, and Courtney

The weather did clear up on Sunday so we could hang out outside. We also just cut Brant's hair-he pitched a fit. I think when he saw the hair falling on him it freaked him out.

A little fun on St. Patricks Day!

Its looks like it is going to be another week of not being able to breathe, taste my food, or sleep without waking up with my tongue dried up and stuck. Doc says it my allergies, I think its a sinus infection at this point. Wait and see how this Nasonex works. Maybe this is what I get for being a rotten, bratty, little sister-Jon gave me his bad allergies. Well, I'm off to shoot nasal spray and pass out on NyQuil. Josh thinks I am going to need an intervention soon. Pray for me.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Birthday Party, Chef Santa, and first co-ed bath!

We went to Newport News Sat. for Preston's first birthday party. They had hired a lady to make balloon creations and do face painting. Brant got a monkey blowing bubbles because that was the one thing he liked the most-bubbles.

The birthday boy with his cake.

We then went to the Boyce's to spend the night. Not too sure about this Chef Santa outfit. If you look hard, yes those are scissors. The Boyce's girls have a full salon station that Brant really enjoyed playing with including the fake scissors.

I finally got Tori, Baileigh, and Brant to stand still long enough to get a picture. They had all taken a bath together the night before and Baileigh was smacking his butt. They are all so funny together.


Some pics from our snow days. We ended up with about 7 inches of snow and three days off. Brant had on so much clothing that he could barely move. When he fell down, he couldn't get up. He was too sure about the snow. Mostly wanted to play with the shovel.

Yes, he wanted to swing. So of course, I have to swing with him.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fiery Red Head

OMG-look what i did to my hair. Guess I was looking for something different. Josh suggested red so I thought - why not? Sooooooooooo, this is what is looks like. Mostly gotten good responses, but I got a feeling that those same people will be the ones who tell me after I go back to blond that it looked horrible. I haven't gotten use to it yet and I am realizing that nothing in my closet looks good on a red head-today I thought that I looked like the ELF. Got some length taken off of it as well. Don't worry mom and dad, I will be blond again by summer.

Brant and I were home sick most of the week which although we didn't feel well it was nice just to hang out. We watched a lot of movies (well, just the same movies over and over again). Not sure where Brant got the idea for this stunt in the video but I couldn't help but share. Looks like we might actually get some snow tonight. Funny thing is now, I wouldn't mind going back to work since I was off last week.