Monday, December 22, 2008

Santa comes early!!

If you look close you might be able to recognize that guy. Josh dressed up at our TE.A.M.S. christmas party to give toys to the kids. It was absolutely hilarious. Brant was totally weirded out by the whole thing. That is the first time he has ever "seen" santa (other than in pics., tv.) and the fact that it sounded a whole lot like his dad really had him wondering. Josh did good and is already thinking of how to make it better next year-including having a Mrs. Clause or an elf!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Its almost Christmas at the Comrie's

We finally got the tree up along with the train. Brant LOVES the train. The is the first thing he wants to do. He is still learning how to play with it without making a train wreck. He can push the whistle button-its so cute. hope to catch it on video soon. This week has been incredibly busy. Have been baking my highly requested "snicker surprise" cookies all week and giving them away (the only way we can keep from eating them ALL ourselves). Thanks to Josh for giving me my early christmas gift-a stand mixer-it makes it sooooooooo much easier to make. Brant visited the speech pathologist Wed. to be evaluated, we will get the results tomorrow. During the test he was able to show off his impressive coloring skills and his ability to kick and throw the ball which he managed to get into the trash can. Oh yeah-his new word-cookie! Imagine that-no doubt his our kid!! And check out that hair cut. Doesn't look bad for having to hold him while he threw a fit the whole time. Can't wait for him to get over that! As for my hair, I got bangs. Just told her to cut 'em before I could change my mind. I honestly can't remember last time I had bangs. Maybe in high school I tried the Narz hair (a.k.a. mall bangs), but seriously don't remember looking like this since my 6th birthday party picture of me and my cabbage patch kid with matching dresses (thanks mom-you are the best!). Anyhow, check it in the next blog-where I am sitting on Santa's lap.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Oh, the joys of parenthood

Brant managed to get pretty sick over the holiday break. He had a double ear infection that after 6 days still hadn't cleared up, so back to the doctor we go. He then get 2 shots of antibiotics in his legs and another 10 days of drugs. In the meantime, I am starting to feel a little under the weather-have to take two days off of work (which I rarely ever do), I visit the doctor and am told I have a sinus infection. Oh-is that why I can't breath? and still can't. Maybe we are both antibiotic resistant. Brant is feeling better-you can tell by watching the video. I still feel like my brain is swimming in snottage. Took him friday to get his hair cut-big mistake. He pitched a fit, it was crazy. We left with his hair intact. Just tried again today, since Josh was cutting his hair thought maybe we could persuade Brant. It took some work, but its cut. Obviously not professionally done, could use a little work around the ears-but at this point, I don't really care. Thanks god he is a boy!!

Where's the turkey??

We had most of the family in for Thanksgiving this year and it was great. Unfortunately we (brant and myself) didn't get to run on the thanksgiving day race (it was full by the time I tried to register). We decided to have a low country boil for thanksgiving day feast since we planned to have the real thanksgiving dinner on Friday. My parents did most the cooking and everything turned out great. I actually got a little "martha stewartish" (if you can call it that). I handmade some crafts, had the kids make some, and even made some oreo desssert things that looked liked turkeys (but of course, no pics of those). It was a lot of fun.