Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas comes and goes

Seem like just a blur. All the preparation, shopping, and baking and its over so fast. We did Christmas at our house early-Josh was up at 5 am and getting mad because we didn't get up. After opening gifts-everything that has to do with firefighting (fire hat, fire coat, fire hose, fire truck, etc.)-we headed up to WVA for the weekend. Once in WVA, brant actually thought he was a firefighter and was always blowing out the candles.

Our family tradition was for our dad to read us the Night Before Christmas before going to bed so we thought he would try it with the grandkids. Hilarious-they won't sit still for nothing. All we could do was laugh. Once one would get up the other one would get up-check out their matching pajamas. I think my parents think they are twins-this isn't the only matching outfit they got.

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